General Relativity - Introductory Lectures

This page contians a list of introductory talks & lectures on General Realtivity that I found useful.
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Introduction to Time and Gravity Lectures
Institution Speaker Video Presentation Title  
PBS Spacetime

Matt O'Dowd, PhD

How Does Gravity Warp the Flow of Time?
Good introductory presentation to Gravitational Time Dilation.
PBS Spacetime

Matt O'Dowd, PhD

Does Time Cause Gravity?
Good introductory presentation to how time causes gravity
The Science Asylum  Nick Lucid, MS-Phy The Real Source of Gravity Might Surprise You
Anoth introductory presentation to the source of gravity.
PBS Spacetime

Matt O'Dowd, PhD

Intro to General Realativity Learning Playlist
A an introduction to an intuitive grasp of GR without the Math.
General Realtivity Lectures
Institution Speaker Video Presentation Title  

Bob Eagles, PhD
Civil Servant

Einstein Field Equations (EFE) - for beginners
Good introductory presentation.
Dan Fleisch, PhD
Assoc. Prof of Physics
What's a Tensor?
Cute, but effective, demonstration using child's blocks

School Professor Class Title Lectures

2008 - Fall

Dr. Leonard Susskind
Felix Block Professor of
Theoretical Physics
Director of Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics

Einstein's General Theory of Relativity 12

Lec #   Video Presentation Title & Link
1   Newtonian Gravity
2 Dark Energy and Gauss's Law
3 Tensor Calculus
4 Contravariant (upper) and Covariant (lower) Components
5 Covariant Differentiation & Christoffel Symbols
6 Spacetime & Geodesics
7 Curvature & Christoffel Symbols
8 Curvature & Ricci Tensors, and Weak Limit
9 Raising & Lowering Indices
10 EFE, Cosmological Constant and Unruh Horizon
11 Schwarzchild Metric
12 Rindler's Accelerated Reference Frame

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