These are my personal opinions following observation of these videos.

Gang Xu, a PSI Fellow, presents at the graduate student level at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in 2016/17, but understandable for the undergraduate.

Prof Luty's Spring '13 overview lecture looks good, right up to his confusing misuse of M for both mass and for ??.

Prof Ruiz precipitated a Eureka! moment for me.

Prof Wildberger offers a quick introduction via his MathHistory course, Lecture 23.

Prof Ziller's films are almost unintelligible.

He speaks in mathematical jargon. So you must be knowledgable in math, group theory, and Reiman manifolds. Also. the YouTube resolution is too poor for me to decipher his notes on the blackboard.

Most of his early videos are spent proving what we can assume in order to understand Lie Groups.

I never got past Class 02 (his 2nd video). Maybe later.

Miscellaneous (3)
Have not watched them, yet.

PIRSA: Gang Xu, Lie Groups and Lie ALgebras (1/5)

Lie Groups and Lie Algebras | Lecture 1 - PIRSA
Lie Groups and Lie Algebras | Lecture 2 - PIRSA
Lie Groups and Lie Algebras | Lecture 3 - PIRSA
Lie Groups and Lie Algebras | Lecture 4 - PIRSA
Lie Groups and Lie Algebras | Lecture 5+6 - PIRSA
UC-Davis: Luty, Symmetry (4/5)
Lecture 04 | Symmetry - YouTube
Lecture 05 I Symmetry II - YouTube
Lecture 7 | Particles with Spin - Poincare Group - YouTube

UNC-A: Ruiz_DoctorPhys - Lie Algebras (4/5)
DoctorPhys - L1. Lie Algebra - Review of Spin and the Pauli Eqn - YouTube
UNSW: Wildberger, Simple Groups, Lie Groups (3/5)
MathHistory23: Search for symmetry I - YouTube
MathHistory23b: Search for symmetry II - YouTube
UPenn: Ziller-2013 Lie Groups, Representation Theory and Symmetric Spaces (0/5)
Lecture 01: 1203??-01 - YouTube
Lecture 02: 120314-02 - YouTube
Lecture 03: 120319-03 - YouTube
Lecture 04: 1203??-04 - YouTube
Utrecht: VanDenBan (?/5)
Lecture 01a: Lie Groups (Part 1) - YouTube
Lecture 01b: Lie Groups (Part 2) - YouTube
LNote - Lie Groups: lie2010.dvi - lie2010.pdf

Rotations, SO(3) and so(3) - YouTube (?/5)

001 Lie Groups by M.S. Raghunathan - YouTube (?/5)

Lie algebras and their representations 1 by tomsmathvideos (?/5)